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+ (007) 548 58 5400
7:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Monday to Saturday

Rules and Regulations

  • First party shall be providing a number of services including but not limited to lodging, food, laundry, medicinal support, 24 X 7 attendant, and sweeper services to the second part ensuring comfortable stay of the second part.
  • The Accomodation along with Air Conditionier,bed,fan, light, almirah,gyser,Table chair and television shall provided as per agreed terms and conditions.
  • The First party shall be providing breakfast, lunch, evening refreshment and dinner to the second party on every single day, except some exceptional circumstances.
  • The First party will ensure in good faith that the quantity and quality of the food shall meet appropriate, reasonable nutritional standard for an adult human being.
  • The First party shall also ensure in case of any illness or any special requirement of the second party, the second party shall be provided with appropriate food require to cater to the specific illness of the second party and or as may be prescribed by a doctor and the same kind of food shall be provided until the second part recovers from the said illness.
  • As an “old age care” service provider, the second party shall provide the best quality of service to meet the satisfaction of the second party.
  • The Service provider shall have the right to shift the boarders at any time within the nearest located branch with prior intimation to the local guardian of the concerned boarder and the Shantineer Old age Care & Hospitality Ltd, shall provide similar accommodation and facilities to the second part.
  • If any boarder wishes to hold the room which is being shown to him or her, the boarder shall make full payment and the said boarder shall be liable to make 60 % of the monthly service charge per month , till the boarder is occupying the room.