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+ (007) 548 58 5400
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About Us

SHANTINEER is a wonderful creation of “ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION” for the year 2015 . “ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION” working for street and slams  children. We support their foods, Education, clothes etc. for work details of all india life foundation . please visit   www.allindialifefoundation.com in the year 2016. April 20th we open ours first old age home unit in baranagar, tollygunge. our first boarder come on that day Mrs. shakti Rani Bagchi , Right now ‘shantineer ‘ has  200+ boarders. In 1st JANUARY , 2021 we also open an unit at ‘ Baranagar’ with 250+ capacity.Booking is going on.

From 7th October 2019 “Shantineer old age home” is run & maintained by “Shantineer Old Age Care & Hospitality Limited”.

‘Shantineer ‘  also have a separate patient unit, cerebral, handicapped, fully bed ridden patients can stay here with 24 hrs aaya and doctor’s service