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Best Old Age Home in Kolkata Premium Home For Senior Citizen In Kolkata

Jun 15, 2022 Uncategorized

Best Old Age Home in Kolkata Premium Home For Senior Citizen In Kolkata

Best Old Age Home in Kolkata How do most people looking after their elderly parents cope? Well, most of them cannot afford a good home for the elderly in Kolkata . They rely on relatives or family members to care for them. But this is not always possible because of busy work schedules or distance issues. That’s why it’s best to choose an old age home where your loved one can live happily without compromise on quality or quantity of food, care and amenities!

Old Age Home Near Me

Shantineer is one of the best old age homes in Kolkata. We love our residents and they love us too! We offer 24 hours care and rehabilitation services to provide comfortable accommodation for our senior citizens at affordable rates… Our staff are trained to provide caring, supportive and compassionate care that meets each resident’s individual needs.

Old Age Home in Kolkata

Shantineer old age home is one of the best elder care homes in Kolkata, India. Our residents are treated with the utmost respect and love – as family. We don’t just look after them through medicine and nutrition when they are ill, but also ensure that they have access to all the facilities that they need for a better quality of life, including interesting activities to keep them active and happy.

Shantineer welcomes you to visit us and see how our holistic approach has made us a leading provider of elderly care services in Kolkata!

Elderly Care Home

Shantineer elderly care home is one of the best old age care in kolkata. Call us now on +91-8479945566 to get a free consultation on our services and facilities. We assure quality and affordable services, if any kind of assistance needed during stay please tell us we will do it anytime required as per your safety needs.

Elderly Care Home Services

Shantineer Elderly Care Home is one of the best old age homes in kolkata, West Bengal. We provide comprehensive services for patients with cognitive disorders and Alzheimer’s disease in India.

You can trust Shantineer for the best old age care in kolkata and have built up an outstanding reputation over the years for delivering high-quality care at affordable prices. That’s why thousands of families like yours choose us when they are looking for elderly home services in kolkata.

We have state of the art facilities and we give special attention towards our patients’ health issues. The Nursing staff is well trained, experienced and qualified for their work profile so that they can provide quality old age care at a reasonable cost along with 24 hours services through constant supervision by qualified medical staff whenever required. Our aim is to make each patient feel like a valued part of our family.

Luxury Old Age Home in Kolkata

Shantineer is a Luxury Old Age Home in Kolkata that offers complete peace of mind and 24/7 professional care with personalized attention for your loved ones. We give you the peace of mind.

If you need a Luxury Old Age Home in Kolkata then Shantineer is the people to call. We offer high-quality assisted living at our beautiful home located in Kolkata, West Bengal India. We take care of each resident as if they were family members with utmost respect and dignity.

hantineer is a luxury old age home in Kolkata that understands how important it is to protect your loved one’s rights whilst feeling safe within a home that reflects their past life. 

Shantineer ensures soft music, fragrant flowers and peaceful surroundings set the tone for the residents to reminisce about times gone by – times filled with laughter, joy and love. We provide all amenities


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